Dishwasher Repair London

Dishwasher Repairs London

We understand the stress of a broken down dishwasher, and you can guarantee that when you book with us for a dishwasher repair, we will send an engineer out the same day or the next day for sure.

We also understand that a blocked dishwasher, water not draining, the dishwasher not heating up are major headaches and problems. We are experts who competently and confidently repair all makes and models.

Dishwasher repairs we specialise in …

  • Your dishwasher won’t start.
  • Dishes aren’t correctly dried.
  • Your wash cycle takes too long or does not finish.
  • The dishwasher won’t use detergent.
  • Racks won’t roll out.
  • The dishwasher drips the switches.
  • The gasket seal is damaged.
  • Your dishwasher doesn’t clean well.
  • Your dishwasher is noisy.
  • Your glasses come out white or cloudy.
  • Dishes come out spotty.
  • Your dishwasher won’t drain.
  • Your dishwasher door won’t latch.
  • Your dishwasher smells foul.
  • Your dishwasher would not fill with water, or it won’t stop filling.

Why choose LDAR...

5-Star Customer Service Experience

Same Day and Next Day Repairs

Friendly And Polite Engineers

All Our Repairs Are Guaranteed

6 Months Warranty Plus1 Free Repair Within 6 Months

24 hour Online Booking System

4.9-Star Google Reviews

We cover...

London Dishwasher Repair Specialists

East London Dishwasher Repair Specialists

North London Dishwasher Repair Specialists

South East London Dishwasher Repair Specialists

West London Dishwasher Repair Specialists

South London Dishwasher Repair Specialists

Croydon Dishwasher Repair Specialists